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Preview: Festivities for all ages on Generation Day

The seniors of the Class of 2013 cheer on their classmates while donning their "Senior Citizen" costumes during day four of Spirit Week 2012.
The Class of 2013 seniors cheer on their classmates while donning their “senior citizen” costumes during Day Four of Spirit Week 2012. Photo by The Paly Voice.

As Spirit Week nears its finale, Palo Alto High School students will embody a multitude of ages for “Generation Day.”

Tomorrow, each grade will don their generational clothing. The freshman will be dressed as babies, the sophomores as teeny bobbers, the juniors as sophisticates and the seniors as senior citizens.

There will be one rally during lunch, consisting of two activities new to this year: “Pool Rings” and “Name that Tune,” according to the Associated Student Body’s website.

For “Pool Rings,” two members of each grade will have one minute to throw a large inflatable pool ring back and forth by catching the ring on their necks.  Each class will have its own allotted time and there will be a total of four rounds, with classes competing for a 500-point victory.

The “Name that Tune” event requires four participants per grade, and all grades will be competing in one round. Each team must guess the title of a song playing over the loudspeakers by writing it down on a whiteboard and then running the whiteboard to the center of the field. The first team to name a song correctly will be given a point, and the team with the most points will win first place, also worth 500 points.

Best dressed contestants and cheers will also be graded during the lunchtime festivities.

According to junior class president Noa Ben-Efraim, there will be no Advisory 3-pointer rally this year, breaking the tradition of the last several Spirit Weeks because of the construction of the Paly gyms.

Freshman Derek Zhou says the 3-pointer contest would not have largely impacted his grade’s Spirit Week performance.

“A lot of people [in my grade] are really good at basketball, but we probably aren’t as good as the seniors, so I think it’s just one less thing for the freshmen to lose at,” Zhou said.

Sophomore Nandini Relan remains positive about her class’s performance despite the 10th graders’ last place position in the “Relay Race” today. 

“I feel really disappointed at it [the sophomore’s loss],” Relan said, “but I think we can catch up.”

Senior Matt O’Reilly expresses enthusiasm to don his generational clothing as a “senior citizen.”

“I’m really excited to dress up as an old person because that’s kind of a Paly tradition,” O’Reilly said. “You come to school seeing everyone looking so good with their big bellies and walkers and I’m just really excited to be able to do that.”

O’Reilly also feels confident in the senior class’s performance.

“We [the Senior class] stumbled a little bit on the first day, but I think we really stepped up our game,” O’Reilly said.  “We are really the most spirited and I think that reflects in our performance.”

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