Preview: Spirit Week to continue with Salad Dressing Day

Daniel Li, Author

Seniors Bradley Brewster and Karen Bowman pose in their 90s attire for best dressed. Photo by Emma van Der Veen.
Seniors Bradley Brewster and Karen Bowman pose in their ’90s attire for best dressed at the lunch rally today on the football field. The juniors won first for best dressed, sophomores got second, seniors placed third and the freshmen came in last. Photo by Emma van der Veen.

Palo Alto High School students will dress tomorrow to match their respective “Salad Dressing” theme for Day Two of Spirit Week.

The freshmen will be “Healthy Choice,” sophomores will be “Ranch,” juniors will be “Thousand Island,” and seniors will be “Caesar.”

According to the  Associated Student Body website, tomorrow’s lunch rally at the football field will be a tug-of-war contest. There will be 10 girls and 10 boys from each class participating. The freshmen and seniors will battle it out in the first round, and the sophomores and juniors will compete in the second round. The third round will be the loser bracket, and the fourth round will be the winner bracket.

The lunch rally will also feature the daily best dressed contest and grades will receive points for their cheers.

Junior Chinmay Tyagi looks forward to dressing up in Hawaiian gear for tomorrow.

“I’m excited to be able to wear a Hawaiian shirt, swim trunks and sunglasses tomorrow,” Tyagi said. “I can’t wait for the juniors to beat the other classes this year in Spirit Week.”

Senior Miranda Chen has high hopes for the senior class this week, despite a disappointing performance today. 

“I’m definitely excited to see tomorrow’s rally,” Chen said. “Tug-of-war will definitely be an opportunity for us to really see the willpower of people competing in different grades, and I’m confident that the seniors will pull through and win.”

ASB’s Master Schedule  provides details and more information on each lunchtime activity as well as a schedule for this year’s Spirit Week.