Voice of the Week: Chelsea Mclntosh

Will Zhou, Author

This week, the Paly Voice sat down with senior Chelsea Mclntosh to learn about the her passion for bananas, running and her cat.

The Paly Voice: Tell us about yourself.

Chelsea McIntosh: I really like bananas, I’m vegan and I enjoy singing, running and yoga.

TPV: Why bananas?

CM: They’re delicious, practical, great and really delicious. It started from a young age. I’d have them for breakfast when my mom was too busy.

TPV: How many do you eat a day?

CM: On average, six, at most 12.

TPV: That’s a lot of bananas. Do you have a tree in your yard?

CM: I do have a banana tree … but it bears no fruit.

TPV: So how did you become vegan?

CM: I read a book on nutrition and starting second semester of sophomore year, I began going vegan. At first it was for health reasons, but then I saw a video on Facebook on factory farms that made me not want to contribute [to the meat industry.]

TPV: Do you like being vegan?

CM: It’s really fun. I love fruits and veggies, and there’s also a great community of vegans. I look up to Essena ONeill, a vegan YouTuber who travels a lot and is really compassionate. We have a lot of similar qualities.

TPV: I’ve heard you have a cow costume?

Mclntosh poses in her dalmatian costume for Halloween with a 1/2 eaten banana and her cat Chewy. Photo Courtesy [[[[courtesy]]] of Chelsea Mclntosh.
Mclntosh poses in her dalmatian costume for Halloween with a half eaten banana and her cat Chewy. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Mclntosh.
CM: It’s actually a dalmatian [costume]. I thought it would be cool to be a dalmatian for Halloween and [in the picture] I was also holding a half eaten banana and my fat cat Chewy was just there…I also own a banana costume.

TPV: Tell me more about your cat.

CM: I’ve had him since 2nd grade. He weighs 30 pounds and likes to lie on his back to tan in the sun.

Mclntosh’s cat, Chewy, likes to sun tan upside-down. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Mclntosh.

TPV: What got you into running?

CM: I get up every morning at 4 a.m. to plan my day and then I run 2-4 miles at 6 a.m.

TPV: Why so early?

CM: I found that I wasn’t as productive later in the day, and was more productive in the mornings after a run. Some of my favorite running spots are Foothills, Lake Lagunita and the Dish.

TPV: What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge?

CM: Kelp noodles. I looked up this recipe that needed kelp noodles so I went to Country Sun [grocery store] and got them. They are very kelpy. You have to mix them in with something else or else it just tastes like the ocean.

TPV: What’s your message to the rest of Paly?

CM: Think about your actions today and if they’re contributing to where you want to be in the future.