Alisha Kumar’s travel blog: By the Breeze

Aisha Chabane, Author

Alisha (1)Travel and Lifestyle blogger, junior Alisha Kumar is the author of By the Breeze, a blog featuring stories on travel and food. Since her family takes trips all over the world, she is always inspired to capture the times abroad and share them with others.

Originally, Kumar was going to start a food blog, but after after taking a trip to Kaui she was so inspired to capture and share the beauty of the island that it became a lifestyle blog instead. Kumar is not only inspired by food and travel, but also by other bloggers such as Julia Engel.

“Every time we travel I try to immerse myself into the culture,” Kumar said. “These new places are a constant source of inspiration for me.”

According to Kumar, her love for eating has influenced a large majority of her blog featuring stories on her food experiences.

“I am slightly obsessed with trying new places to eat,” Kumar said. “For me, trying new places to eat can be a mini-trip in and of itself as it’s an exposure to other cultures and styles.”