Oskar Soderberg’s comedic blog: California Person

Aisha Chabane, Author

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Senior Oskar Soderberg created a blog last summer that is based on an idea for a satirical and comedic character. His online persona “the california person,” which is also the name of his blog, likes to riff off about whatever is on his mind though diary style entries.

The character introduces the blog as “a man’s blog of california” and covers a range of topics from his favorite pizza spots, his views on the educational system, and the absurdity of of airplanes.

According to Soderberg, he post mostly because he thinks it’s fun to write, not necessarily for the enjoyment of others.

“I think blogging can be a really fun thing to do, especially if you’re passionate about something,” Soderberg said.

However, Soderberg admits that readership from his friends and family definitely adds to the experience.

“It’s extremely gratifying when I see somebody at school and they tell me that they read my blog and liked it,” Soderberg said.