Andrew Lu’s personal blog: Bronard

Aisha Chabane, Author


Bronard” is the title of senior Andrew Lu’s blog, which first began as an online portfolio.  Lu feels that as a musician it is incredibly important  to have an online presence in order to get around in the highly competitive music industry. The blog has since evolved and now has a variety of different entries such as diary entries, creative writing and journalistic pieces.

“My blog is mainly a place where I can write about anything,” Lu said. “There is some creative writing on it, but mainly just diary kind of writing; places I’m at, events of the day, shows that I’ve seen.”

Lu occasionally writes journalistic type articles. His article “Suicide 3.0” on the recent events in Palo Alto regarding teen suicide received a lot of online media attention and views around the nation.

Lu said that although he doesn’t have a specific vision for his blog in the future, he sees it as an important creative outlet.

Lu recommends blogging to others as it’s not all that time consuming and easily fits around ones schedule.

“It really doesn’t take much time and it doesn’t require you to allocate a specific amount of time every day,” Lu said. “You can really post whenever you want.”