Jannat Hashmi’s fashion and photography blog: To Wear Is To Love

Aisha Chabane, Author


Paly Senior senior Janat Hashmi authors the blog “To wear is to love” that focuses primarily on fashion and photography.

According to Hashmi, blogging is almost a necessity when working in the field of fashion. She began her blog in January earlier this year.

“I figured why not share that part of me or that side of my life with the world,” Hashmi said.

One of Hashmi’s inspirations is Danielle Bernstein, author of the fashion blog “We Wore What.”

“I would say she is one of the people that really got me into blogging and I get lots of ideas from her,” Hashmi said.

Although Bernstein was definitely part of the inspiration for her blog, Hashmi reflects that it was also a very organic process.

“It was also something I found very organic and natural, you need it to be something that comes from you,” Hashmi said.

Hashmi’s blog also includes a section that reviews different restaurants that she has eaten at, as well as recommendations and reviews about music.