“Senior Cut Day” in numbers

Charles Yu and Emma Chiu

Four hundred forty-two Palo Alto High School seniors were absent for at least one class period on Monday, accounting for over 92 percent of the Class of 2015, according to school Attendance Secretary Karla Larson.

Traditionally, the first Monday after the end of AP testing, the graduating class partakes in an unofficial “Senior Cut Day” that often includes camping and going to the beach. The attendance office received about 200 messages from parents excusing their children from school on Monday, according to Larson.

“It took me a good portion of the morning  a few hours at least  to get through everything [phone calls and emails from parents],” Larson said.

Despite the dramatic attendance drop, Larson said this number is fairly normal.

“I think it’s pretty common each year to have the same high volume [of absences],” Larson said.

Social Studies teacher Melinda Mattes instructs three AP Psychology classes and one Sociology class, which are senior-only and senior-dominant classes, respectively. Mattes reported seeing just five of her senior students on Monday, although this low attendance number is also quite typical for her on “Senior Cut Day.”

The following senior attendance data below was given to The Paly Voice by Larson.