Paly students channel creativity through blogging


The development of technology has given root to new methods for channeling creativity. Blogging is a way for anyone to create their own voice and unique “space” within the vastness of this tangled web we call the Internet. As blogging continues to expand and transform, many students at Palo Alto High School have found it to be a rewarding and creative outlet.

Check out some of these student bloggers:

Jannat Hashmi’s fashion and photography blog: To wear is to love

Belle Doughman’s fashion blog: Frills and freckles

Karina Chan and Stephanie Cong’s lifestyle blog: The Adventures of K and S

Serina Nguyen’s beauty blog: Serinaland

Alisha Kumar’s travel blog: By the Breeze

Andrew Lu’s personal blog: Bronard

Oskar Soderberg’s comedic blog: California Person