Video: ASB Presidential Town Hall Q&A

Takaaki Sagawa and Amy Leung

The Associated Student Body presidential candidates participated in the Town Hall Q&A event during Lunch today in the Media Arts Center.

Elections begin tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. and conclude on Friday at 3:30 p.m. Students can access the poll here or by scanning the QR codes scattered throughout campus.

Opening Statement — Reid Walters: 0:36, William Zhou: 3:03
How will make sure that all student voices are heard and represented on ASB? — WZ: 5:40, RW: 6:27
What is your biggest vulnerability as a leader? — RW: 7:14, WZ 7:47
What do you plan on doing differently for dances, Prom, and other social events? — WZ: 8:39, RW: 9:22
What worked in ASB this year, and what do you want to change? — RW: 10:14, WZ 11:18
What have you done that makes you qualified for this role? — WZ: 12:32, RW: 13:20
What is the most important quality in a leader and why? — RW: 14:22, WZ 14:53
What is one event that ASB can improve on, and what are your ideas for improvement? — WZ: 15:52, RW: 16:53
What methods will you use to increase campus unity at Paly? — RW: 17:49, WZ 18:20
Who are your inspirations when it comes to leadership? — WZ: 19:14, RW: 20:11
How will you ensure that you will follow through on your ideas? — RW: 21:01, WZ 21:24
Closing Statement — RW: 22:13, WZ 22:42