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  • Pool to close next school year

    Palo Alto High School’s plans to construct a $20 million athletics facility have created unforeseen obstacles that will cause the school’s pool to close for the entire 2014-2015 school year, according to a construction manager.

    The construction on Palo Alto High School's new athletic facility will interrupt the school's pool utilities, causing the pool to be closed for the 2014-2015 school year, according to bond manager Tom Hodges. The construction was initially supposed to leave the pool in operation. The facility's 14 month-long construction will begin in June. Image by Tolbert Design Architects.
  • Altercation heats up Spirit Week, leads to loss of points

    Tensions flared between classes on the second day of Spirit Week as a group of juniors caused damage to sophomore decorations and were involved in a physical altercation with two sophomores.

  • Video exclusive: Flag unfurled at football season opener

    The Palo Alto High School football team kicked off the football season tonight in a game against San Benito, during which The Paly Voice drone captured footage of the unfurling of the American flag on the football field.

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  • Opinion:

    What’s your bra size? Do you drink alcohol? Who did you hook up with last night, I heard you were smashed. Chloe Fishman takes on the popular website.

  • It’s her party, she can twerk if she wants to

    But only to a certain extent.

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