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  • Save the 2,008 gives final push with email campaign

    Save the 2,008 campaign coordinator Marc Vincenti is launching an email campaign to prompt the Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education to put Save the 2,008, a plan to combat stress in high schools, back on the board agenda.

  • Student photographers offer alternative for senior portraits

    Due to a change in regulation for Palo Alto High School senior portraits this year, individuals can now submit their own photos, opening up a new industry for student photographers.

    Senior Will Dougall. "I just didn’t feel like it was right to make friends pay for pictures that should be free," Dougall said. Photo by Emma van der Veen.
  • The Final Farewell: Big Gym scheduled for demolition on Monday

    Nearly a year and a half after its farewell ceremony, Palo Alto High School’s 86-year-old Big Gym will be demolished on Monday.

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  • College map of Paly faculty

    As the school year wraps up and students prepare to embark on the next step in their life, it’s easy to forget that each of our teachers underwent similar processes not long ago. The Paly Voice gathered data from Paly faculty members to mark where each of them attended college, as well as to ask for personal advice.

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  • Editorial: Transcending the assumptions

    In the wake of tragedies in Palo Alto, our community and the national media have found various outlets to express their opinions on the schools’ failure to mitigate student stress. Even though it is easy to point to a single cause, we must avoid generalizations and maintain our willingness to improve through constructive feedback.

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