The Paly Voice is a student-run online news publication. In order to best serve the needs of the Paly community, we need funds to cover various expenses, such as:

    • Renewing our domain name
    • Hosting our website on a server
    • Backing up our website to ensure that our content is saved for posterity
    • Purchasing and maintaining tech equipment
    • Ensuring equitable access to journalistic opportunities for Paly students

    By advertising with The Paly Voice, you support the tremendous efforts of local students. In addition to giving back to the community, your business will also reap numerous benefits, including:

    • Reaching the local community
    • Reaching teens and younger demographics
    • Raising brand awareness

    If you are interested in advertising with The Paly Voice, please contact [email protected] and visit our advertising contract.

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    The Paly Voice