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TONE.4.14.22: Ukraine Features, Prom ticket prices

Benjamin Grimes and Jeffrey Tu | April 14 2022

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Tu: Welcome back Paly, it’s Jeffrey Tu,

Grimes: and Benjamin Grimes.

Tu: And we’ll be recapping this week’s events in this week’s episode of The Paly Voice’s TONE.

Grimes: Verde Magazine reported this Wednesday on the Ukrainian community’s reaction to the ongoing war. They interviewed Ukrainian students here at Paly as well as Ukrainian parents and Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit based here in California to provide humanitarian aid to those in Ukraine.

Tu: As a quick update on the Ukrainian situation, one of the key focuses right now is on whether or not Russia can actually capture Mariupol. Mariupol is a city between the Russia-controlled Peninsula, Crimea, down to the south, as well as their border to the right.

Grimes: On Monday, April 4, Palo Alto Online reported about the death of a student at Los Altos High School. He potentially died in a fentanyl poisoning.

Tu: Just last week CRONE, also known as the Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement, which is a nursing union, authorized their leaders to call a strike against Stanford and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospitals. More than 4500 nurses out of 5000 voting nurses approved the strike.

Grimes: Tomorrow, Friday, April 15. is the last day to purchase a prom ticket before there’s a price increase from $139 without an ASB card to $155 without an ASB card. If you do have an ASB card, it’s currently $129 but will increase to $145.

Tu: As we’re recording this there’s a Paly and Gunn track and field competition at home. Scores will probably be reported tomorrow morning along with In Focus. Speaking of sports, there’s a new athletic director who is also the girls field hockey coach. Her name is Jennifer Crane and she has been working here since 2014.

Grimes: The Santa Clara County COVID-19 cases have reached 312,561 with the seven-day-average of 212.

Tu: For the TONE Fun Fact of the Week, Walter Arnold was the first person to ever be convicted of speeding, he was speeding at a whopping eight miles per hour.

Grimes: This has been the Voice TONE.

Tu: Thanks for listening.