Election Archive

    Below are links to all of The Paly Voice’s 2012 election coverage.



    Teachers union holds demonstration for Prop 30 and against 32 By: Paige Esterly and Cathy Rong

    The Paly Voice covers tomorrow’s elections  By: David Raftrey

    Paly Students, Alumni cast their first ballots  By: Christina Chen

    Brief: Fate of City Council hopefuls decided in election tomorrow  By: Becca Raffel

    Caswell, Townsend, Emberling, win school board race  By: Addie McNamara



    Tower Building houses voters  By: Levi Schoeben

    Making a difference without voting -A tale from a 17-year-old  By: Juliana Moraes-Liu



    Paly voice endorses Dauber, Caswell  By: The Paly Voice

    Verde Editorial: Dauber and Caswell for school board  By: Verde Magazine

    Verde Editorial: Measure A and student drug use – separate issues  By: Verde Magazine

    Beginning Journalism Editorial: Endorsing Dauber and Caswell  By: The Paly Voice



    Paly Students react to election outcomes  By: Noa Braun and Addie McNamara

    What do you look for in a school board candidate?  By: Becca Raffel and Callie Walker



    Paly students show pro-Obama patriotic spirit  By: Paige Esterl

    Palo Altans visit poling locations on Election Day  By: Phoebe So



    Obama for four more years  By: Jack Shaprio and Edward Mei

    Should these county measures and state propositions pass?  By: Neal Biswas, Callie Walker and Jared Shwartz

    Yes on Prop 34: Eliminate the death penalty  By: Connor McNamara

    Camile Townsend: experienced and competent  By: David Raftrey and Connor McNamara


    Candidate Forums:

    Liveblog: School board member Camille Townsend speaks to Paly students By:Amanda Carlson and Parker Devine

    Liveblog: Ken dauber addresses journalism students  By: Grant Raffel, Juliana Moraes-Liu and Aaron Chum

    Live coverage: Melisa Baten Caswell speeks to students By: Mathew Fogarty, Jared Schwartz, Levi Schoeben and Addie McNamara

    Board candidates debate district calender, technology By: Christina Chen

    School Board candidates discus achievement gap By: Christina Chen

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