Liveblog: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox speaks on campus


    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox will give a speech in the Media Arts Center atrium this afternoon. Fox is a vocal opponent of President Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the United States-Mexico border.

    Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, is scheduled to speak at 2:30 p.m. today in the Media Arts Center. Check back here for live updates on his talk.

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20173:06 pm

    And that concludes the English portion of the event. Keep up to date via our Facebook livestream and upcoming recap! Thanks for tuning in!

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20173:03 pm

    “I don’t believe in anything coming from government. This so called leader imposes so much fear, that he doesn’t have ideas brought to him. We have tried to put ourselves up to date in Mexico, and we have just started learning to learn. Today teamwork is a cornerstone of our thinking, and our doing.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20173:01 pm

    “Leadership is within. It’s that power we have within. You have a purpose and go after it. Do what you have to do. Leadership to me is unlimited.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20173:00 pm

    “I started a grassroots campaign and said I wanted to be President of Mexico, and I was.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:59 pm

    Q: “What is the importance of journalism in a democracy?” – Journalism Professor, University of Oregon

    A: “I’m absolutely convinced that the freedom of expression and freedom of the press is a pillar of democracy. I profoundly believe media is a pillar and on the forefront of peace and a strong democracy.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:56 pm

    Q: “What advice can you give these students to build bridges in their lives as they go onto college and the world?”

    A: “Be open, travel and exchange knowledge. Do it all openly, the world belongs to humanity not to individuals not to nations. Nations belong to their citizens.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:53 pm

    “I’m totally for legalization [of marijuana].” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:52 pm

    “Either you stop the circulation of drugs or you legalize it, because you [USA] don’t have space in jails. I think the US is in a very hypocritical situation.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:51 pm

    “The war on drugs has been a total failure, same as the one fought by President Nixon 45 years ago. 250,000 kids your age, have been killed in Mexico. They weren’t born criminals, they didn’t have the opportunities needed. They went where they found the jobs, we need to build opportunities.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:50 pm

    On gang violence and drugs:

    “In Mexico we don’t consume or produce drugs significantly. This state produces more marijuana and of better quality than all of Mexico.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:48 pm

    “You cannot enclose yourself in four walls and say ‘go to hell’ to the rest of the world. Today the world needs more and more happy moments and a happier way of living.” -Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:46 pm

    On sanctuary cities in the US:

    “No. 1: It’s absolutely arbitrary for a guy to suspend federal funds to any city in the US. The flow of the budget has to be institutional, not from a tweet or hangover [from Trump].” -Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:43 pm

    “We have a big question mark about democracy today, which is not delivering. My thought is that we are witnessing the future of something new.” -Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:40 pm

    “Trump doesn’t even know about that [information technology in India and IIT]. He’s not even aware of what’s going on.” -Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:38 pm

    “To understand you must travel and be abroad. I think being in Guanajuato for just one week would be a great experience.” -Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:37 pm

    “You’re very lucky to be around here {Palo Alto]. Being here changes your life, with these people. The most vanguard thinking I’ve come across is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and that kind of thinking is special and specific to areas like this.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:33 pm

    Let me tell you about China, they have built the largest middle class and infrastructure in 25 years, what took this country [USA] 200 years.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:31 pm

    Q: “Do you think we’ll ever get to the point where developed nations will ever compete for immigrants, due to declining birth rates?” – math teacher David Baker

    A: “There is a need for an energetic young labor force, and the growth of the economy is clearly on the side of those who can keep a constant rate of growth.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:26 pm

    Q: What is your opinion regarding climate change, despite the current administration’s denial?

    A: “It is an absolutely mandatory issue to take care of. It has been proven that you can grow at a fast pace and still consider the environment.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:24 pm

    Q: “Would you like to see the North American countries to form a union similar to that of Europe? And if so, will it happen during our lifetime?” – math teacher Radu Toma

    A: “I think we can sit down and open this, and develop something better than NAFTA. The crisis occurred [with the EU] when they tried to create one currency.There was a time when I thought the EU was an example for the rest of the world. ” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:21 pm

    “Believing that trading is a lose-lose situation is wrong. Believing that throwing bombs will bring him [Trump] peace is wrong, violence will only bring back violence.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:19 pm

    “United States is very fortunate to rely on immigration.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:18 pm

    “That f wall that we [Mexico] are not going to pay for. That is going to cost US citizens $35 billion.”

    – Fox on the Border Wall

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:16 pm

    Q; What can Mexico do to protect immigrants traveling from Central America through Mexico to the US?

    A: “Building walls is not the answer. Not accepting refugees is not the answer. We need to bring our talent together to solve the problem.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:12 pm

    “Machiavelli would say that you gain respect by being very powerful, by using the stick. But Loyola St. Ignacio would say that you gain respect through love and dialogue.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:11 pm

    Q: “Do you have any suggestions for any aspiring politicians?” – junior Kelly Keith

    A: “Building the world of tomorrow, the profession of most impact is politics. Maybe the only thing that would be more of impact than doing politics is being a mother or maybe a priest because as a politician you have the opportunity to do things for others at the very best.”

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:08 pm

    Fox opening remarks have concluded. Journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki has the mic as we segue to a question and answer session with the audience.

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:07 pm

    “Leadership without the right cause, without compassion, is destined to fail. … Like what happened with Hitler, is like what’s going to happen with Trump.”

    – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:05 pm

    Fox encourages the audience to be leaders, and ask themselves “Who am I? What is my purpose?”

    “There’s no human action without purpose,” Fox says.

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20172:02 pm

    “Between Canada, the US and Mexico we have the largest trading balance in the world. … We have learned to work together, to bring in jobs together.”

    – Fox on North American trading

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20171:59 pm

    Vicente Fox explains that NAFTA has not only benefited Mexico, but the US as well.

    “We need to remind ourselves of our history.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20171:58 pm

    “We [the US,Mexico, and Canada] have our own competitiveness, but together we can work together to build better nations.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20171:56 pm

    “My grandfather came and he made his American dream, just looking for a better life. We have been in the Guanajuato for five generations and today we have the first Presidential library outside of the US.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20171:53 pm

    “Within the century we will defeat hunger, we will defeat poverty.” – Fox

    Zahra Muzaffar April 17, 20171:45 pm

    Vicente Fox begins by urging the audience to be active in Politics.

    “It’s people that move nations, and its people that build the world not institutions.” – Fox

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