No more C days? Student forums for substandard bell schedule to be held next week

    The Bell Schedule Review Committee will host four student forums next week in the English Writing Center in response to findings that Palo Alto High School’s schedule is approximately 2,000 minutes short of the state standard.

    The forums will take place on Monday during lunch and at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday during Flex period, and Wednesday during lunch.

    The committee consists of 25 parents, students and staff members, and was originally formed in response to student feedback pertaining the structure of the schedule. In particular, “C” days, Flex period and Advisory have been a topic of strong discussion. However, according to sophomore committee member Vivian Feng, recent findings have shifted its objective.

    “The state audited our’s and Gunn’s [High School’s] schedules and found out that both are around 2,000 minutes short of the state standard,” Feng said. “So now our main focus is to create a new schedule that will be approved by the [school] board for next year that has ample minutes to let us continue our Paly traditions, like the Turkey Trot and Winter Rally.”

    While the upcoming forums are specifically for students, the committee will be hosting others for parents and teachers to better understand the public’s opinion.

    “[After the forums], we will put out a survey, collect data, meet a few times after that, come to a consensus on what schedule to recommend and then tell the board our recommendations,” Feng said.

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