Construction in front of library to fix heating problem

    Hole 2

    Steam rises from the hole dug by maintenance workers to access and replace a cracked heating pipe. To complete the repair, school heating will be shut down at about 11 a.m. Photo by Spencer Carlson.

    Think it’s cold? It’s about to get colder. Heating will be shut down as a private contracting company works to replace a broken heating pipe in front of the library today.

    This repair is the reprise of a failed attempt by district workers three weeks ago. San Jose-based private contractor Steve Ciari Plumbing and Heating, Inc. is completing the repair.

    “My understanding is that they are putting in the new pipe today,” Assistant Principal Jerry Berkson said. “Doesn’t look like they did a bunch of digging, which I expected because apparently it [where district maintenance workers dug the hole last time] wasn’t the right spot. But they came in today, they said ‘We’re ready to do it and we’re going to shut down the heat around 11 [a.m.], can we do that?’ and I said ‘Of course.'”

    “I was told [by one of the district facilities workers] by 3:00,” Berkson said. “I was told – just told. Can’t guarantee it.”

    With tomorrow morning’s forecast temperature at 36 degrees Fahrenheit, students should hope this heating fix is a quick one.

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