Preview: Spirit Week to continue with “Generations day”

Annika Behal and Ankita Amberkar

Junior Cole Sotnick looks ready to run the first leg of the relay. Photo: Angelina Wang
Junior Cole Sotnick looks ready to run the first leg of the relay. Photo: Angelina Wang

The Palo Alto High School Associated Student Body will continue Spirit Week with “Generations” day on Thursday.

Freshman will dress as babies, Sophomores will dress as “teeny boppers,” Juniors will dress as “sophisticates,” and Seniors will dress as “senior citizens.”

In addition to dressing up, students from each grade will participate in an advisory and lunch-time rally.

The lunchtime rally will consist of “Name that Tune” in which four students are selected from each grade to correctly identify a song being played.

“I’m really excited for ‘Name that Tune,'” Senior Class Vice President Michaela Fogarty said.  “We get to jam out some sick tunes in the stands.”

There will also be a “Ring Toss” game where two students from each grade level will attempt to throw a innertube around the other person as many times as possible.

In the afternoon, ASB will host a rally during advisory in the Big Gym.

“[The advisory rally] will be the three point contest that we will be using the new gym for,” Sophomore Class President Pooja Akella said. “I believe that’s happened in past years but with the gym construction we haven’t been able to do that so now ASB will be bringing it back this year.”

Students are selected to take part in a three-point contest. Unlike the tug-of-war game on Tuesday where football players were not allowed to participate, varsity basketball players are permitted to play.

“We have two really great basketball players coming in for the seniors, so that’s gonna be really good,” Fogarty said.

“Generations” day follows “Color” day, in which the seniors were victorious. Scores can be found here.

“The idea of ‘Generations’ day is really interesting to me,” Akella said. “It’s pretty clear when you get to see the different grades [dress up].”