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Recap: Seniors win tug of war at lunch rally

The second day of Spirit Week, Salad Dressing Day, made for a well-dressed student body at today’s lunch rally, where seniors dominated the annual tug of war competition.

Through a random drawing, the freshmen and seniors were chosen to compete in the first round. The seniors won the round after a few seconds, dragging a few freshmen along with the rope.

Senior Nathan Willis helped his classmates pull their way to victory.

“It really brought our whole grade together,” Willis said. “It was a fantastic experience because we knew we were going to dominate and we had so much confidence.”

During the next round, the juniors defeated the sophomores in a tight match-up.

“We had a couple of people read up on strategy beforehand, and that was really helpful,” junior Esme Stotland said. “We all kind of tried to follow one game plan.”

After a face-off between the freshmen and sophomores for third place, the final round between the juniors and seniors began. The seniors, sporting their spirit jerseys for the occasion, won the round and took first place in the tug of war competition. The juniors took second place, the sophomores took third, and the freshmen were last.

According to Spirit Commissioner Sarah Mitz, the tug of war competition is popular because it visibly splits up teams, making it easier to cheer for a side.

“It’s always really fun to get the crowd cheering really loudly,” Mitz said. “The crowd is always much louder [during the tug of war], especially because the focus is on only one game.”

Freshman competitor Benny McShea said that it was a fun competition despite his grade’s loss.

“They [the seniors] are older and stronger and they have experience,” McShea said. “I think once we’re seniors we’ll have a bigger chance to win.”

In order to match their assigned salad dressing themes, seniors created togas out of bed sheets in accordance with their Caesar salad dressing theme and juniors wore beach gear as Thousand Island dressing. Sophomores trotted in with plaid shirts and cowboy hats as ranch dressing, while freshmen came in athletic gear as healthy choice dressing.

The total points each grade earned at today’s rally will be posted on the ASB Master Schedule tonight. Spirit Week will continue tomorrow with Color Day.

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