ASB to replace night rally due to underage drinking

Annika Behal and Ankita Amberkar

Paly students, decked out in neon clothing, cheer for their separate classes during a relay race during the 2015 spirit night rally. Photo by Cooper Lou.
Palo Alto High School students, decked out in neon clothing, cheer for their classes in a relay race during the 2015 Spirit Week night rally. Photo: Cooper Lou

This year, the Palo Alto High School Associated Student Body will host an advisory rally instead of a night rally during Spirit Week. 

In recent years, the night rally has been hosted on the third night of Spirit Week, with each grade sporting a different neon color.

Due to concerns for student safety, the night rally will not be included in this year’s festivities, according to Spirit Commissioner Sam Embersits.

“Last year there were several students from different grades that were caught under the influence [of alcohol],” Embersits said. “As a result, admin had to stay on campus past midnight to file paperwork and work with police.”

“Admin takes time out of their own schedules to chaperone ASB events like the night rally,” ASB Vice President Vivian Feng said. “That bad experience just set a bad precedent and so it’s understandable why they wouldn’t be willing to host another night rally.”

Instead, ASB will bring back the Thursday advisory rally, which has not been held since 2014, due to the construction of the Peery Center. The Thursday advisory rally had been a staple of Spirit Week in the past, but with the gym undergoing construction, ASB innovated the night rally.

“We used to have an advisory rally in the gyms before they were rebuilt, so the night rally was created as a temporary placeholder,” Embersits said. “Now that we have the gyms back we’re going back [to hosting the advisory rally].”

The new rally, which will take place during advisory on Thursday, includes eight rounds of three-point basketball contests.

“We’re going to have one boys bracket and one girls bracket, and the student winners will face off in a final round against the staff,” Embersits said.

Students can advance to the next round by shooting baskets and winning points for their class.

Spirit Week will kick off on Monday with each class dressing for their respective themes.