Teen group to host city-wide scavenger hunt

Adrienne Kwok, Author

A teen group funded by the City of Palo Alto is hosting a scavenger hunt through the end of April and raffling away a drone to encourage teen involvement in the Palo Alto community.

The clickPA core staff, comprised entirely of local high school students, aims to “empower teens to get involved in their communities,” its website explains. This scavenger hunt, along with multiple other contests the team has held in the past, is part of a larger mission to bring publicity to clickPA and the wealth of teen-related events in Palo Alto.

Riddles are provided through the website, which lead to specific whereabouts and objects in Palo Alto and the Stanford area. Participants are instructed to take a photo of themselves at each location, then email it to [email protected] in exchange for an entry to a raffle. Each successfully decoded riddle and photo may be validated for one raffle ticket until April 30.

One lucky winner will receive a drone.

According to Gunn student Roger Ji, an event planner for the group, through this scavenger hunt, the clickPA staff hopes to inspire Palo Alto teens to explore the community around them by visiting places they might otherwise overlook.

“The scavenger hunt is a first for clickPA,” Ji said. “Never have we hosted an event with such a fabulous prize. We hope that the prospect of winning a drone is enough to tear students away from their textbooks and get exploring.”

In addition to hosting contests and raffles, clickPA provides other services for high school students.

“When not studying, give us a glance,” Ji said. “We gather local events, write review[s] for local restaurants and even compile a list of job opportunities and internships.”

Official contest guidelines can be found here.