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Meet the captains of winter athletics: Seth Goyal

As Palo Alto High School’s winter sports teams build chemistry and prepare for league play with vigor, the new captains of the soccer, wrestling and basketball teams enter the scene ready to take on the field, the floor and the court. Let’s meet the captains.

Wrestling (Co-ed)

With intense three-hour practices and extra weekend training periods, the Paly’s wrestling team is working hard in preparation for the upcoming season.  Last year, the 0-6 season ended with one of the team’s wrestlers competing at the Central Coast Section championships, and with 15 new members, the team is looking optimistic, according to senior captain Seth Goyal.

Senior wrestling captain Seth Goyal recalls his early introduction to the sport through a Physical Education (P.E.) teacher in middle school, and discusses his growth as an athlete and as a person. Photo: Bianca Al-Shamari.

Meet Seth Goyal. Senior varsity wrestling co-captain Goyal has held the position of captain since freshman year and began wrestling for Paly in seventh grade.

SG: “I started wrestling in sixth grade and, at the time, my older sister was a P.E. student at [Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School] [and her] teacher was the wrestling coach. He asked her if she had any siblings, she said yes and [brought] me in one day. I sat in for a practice and just stuck with it.”

PV: What are your responsibilities as captain?

SG: “I take on some of the coaches’responsibilities like teaching during practice and coaching at tournaments.”

{PV: What are you looking forward to most this season?

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