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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Noa’s Cooking Blog

  • Falling out of fall (with a pie)

    There are those whose fall-filled nostalgia elicits the thought of Thanksgiving, namely the central Thanksgiving food: pie. So in order to help induce fall food-cravings, my friend and I decided to tackle the creation of a pie.

    Full pie
  • Nostalgic baking: Taste the childhood

    So, we undertook the challenge that is to create cupcakes and properly decorate them, like the much more skilled and highly-trained Goldberg and Valastro.

    As I stated, we tend to be nostalgic about our childhood years, which entailed hours upon hours of watching Pokémon.
  • Homemade macarons: At least we tried?

    Sitting at home on a Saturday night, what better thing to do than to begin the tumultuous process of making homemade macarons. People warned me that it would be a difficult journey, but I never could have envisioned that it would turn out as horribly as it did.

    The macarons batch we made consisted of a variety of flavors: Lemon, chocolate, coffee, and the exotic rose flavor.