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Live Blog: Oscars

Published February 24, 2013

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and not necessarily of the staff of the Paly Voice as a whole.

Here we are again, back to provide the same sassy commentary for the awards ceremony itself.

9:08 pm — 

That’s all for us.

“Peace out.” -Quentin Tarantino

9:07 pm — 

We would like Adele to host next year.

9:06 pm — 

Kristin get off stage. Seth you can stay if you do a Stewie impersonation.

9:06 pm — 

Callie and Kate were hoping “That’s My Boy” would have been nominated. Just kidding, it was the worst.

9:04 pm — 

The bottom of her dress looks like a fish.

9:04 pm — 


I only want her here if she is singing Wicked.

9:03 pm — 

Even Seth knows, its a night of disappointment.

9:03 pm — 

Seth was better than James Franco. Sorry, Betsey!

9:03 pm — 

Seth is oh so sassy.

9:02 pm — 

Ben didn’t thank Matt Damon.

9:01 pm — 

Ben is going crazy!

9:01 pm — 

These bow ties are killing us.

9:01 pm — 

George Clooney is too cool to speak. He has about 8 of these at home.

9:00 pm — 

His wife looks like an old Fergie.

8:59 pm — 

Good movie, but not Best Picture worthy, according to Callie.

8:58 pm — 

Argo wins Best Picture.

8:57 pm — 

A little late, but Daniel Day-Lewis had a great tux.

8:56 pm — 

Your arms looks great as usual. She is the coolest First Lady I think we’ve ever had.

Callie likes Dolly Madison and Lady Bird Johnson better. They named their dog ‘Little Beagle Johnson’ (LBJ).

8:55 pm — 

We adore you, Michelle!

8:54 pm — 

Jack Nicholson always goes to the Lakers games.

8:53 pm — 

Anyone who uses the word “amongst” deserves an Oscar.

8:52 pm — 

Daniel is killing it with the jokes. Who knew?

8:51 pm — 

He has lipstick on his cheek! Cheeky.

8:51 pm — 

We love his hair line.

8:51 pm — 

Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor for his performance in Lincoln. He is the first actor to win three Oscars in the Best Actor category.

8:48 pm — 

She looks fabulous as always.

8:47 pm — 


8:47 pm — 

We just rewinded and watched her fall again.

Hugh Jackman went up to help her! We love him.

8:47 pm — 

I’m surprised she didn’t make her speech more humorous.

8:46 pm — 

Bradley Cooper cannot stop smiling! He must love J. Law.

8:46 pm — 

Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress for her performance in “Silver Livings Playbook.”

Jennifer we love you even though you fell (we told you the bottom of your dress was too much).

8:45 pm — 

Quvenzhané Wallis knows whats up.

8:44 pm — 

Emmanuelle Riva is so cute.

8:43 pm — 

We love Jean Dujardin. He is literally the best French man we know.

8:38 pm — 

Ang Lee’s wife is cute.

8:37 pm — 

Ang Lee wins Best Director for Life of Pi. He has the same name as Aang the Last Airbender. COOL

8:30 pm — 

Seth you are quite dapper.

8:30 pm — 

Mr. Tarantino has a leather tie– that’s weeiirrdd.

8:29 pm — 

Best Original Screenplay goes to Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained.

He needs to put his clothes back on and also he’s weird.


8:28 pm — 

Best ADAPTED Screenplay went to Terrio.

8:26 pm — 


He looks great.

8:26 pm — 

Best Screenplay goes to Chris Theriot for his work for Argo.

I’m quite disappointed that Wreck It Ralph was not nominated. That was hilarious. And colorful! Who are we kidding it should win everything

8:19 pm — 

Seth needs a nap.

8:18 pm — 

I cannot get over how beautiful Adele is.

8:18 pm — 

Adele is so cute when she cries!

8:18 pm — 

Skyfall (sung by Adele) wins Best Original Song. Three cheers for Adele!

8:14 pm — 

Scarlett Johansson can SING.

8:13 pm — 

Kenny Chesney got out of that marriage in the the nick of time. We miss Bridget Jones.

8:12 pm — 

Life of Pi won Best Original Score.


8:12 pm — 

Renée is inebriated. We promise you.

8:10 pm — 


8:09 pm — 

Kate is a huge fan of Queen Latifah’s dress. Not of the dress itself, but of how it makes Queen Latifah look.

8:09 pm — 


8:03 pm — 

Couldn’t find cat. Came back with rice cake.

8:03 pm — 

Callie misses her cat. She went to find her.

8:01 pm — 

You’re such a funny girl, Barbara.

7:51 pm — 

We love accents.

7:50 pm — 

He’s married to Adele? How cool is that?

7:49 pm — 

Lincoln wins Best Production Design.

7:48 pm — 

Kristen Stewart needs some lessons in public speaking. And also being enthused or at least respectful about being on stage at the Oscars.

7:48 pm — 

Daniel Radcliffe  looks totally thrilled to be on stage with Kristen Stewart.

7:27 pm — 


7:25 pm — 

This is sexist.

7:25 pm — 

Nerves have been gotten on by Anne Hathaway.

7:24 pm — 

Okay time for the Jaws music. Adios, Anne Hathaway.

7:23 pm — 

Best Supporting Actress goes to Anne Hathaway. GROAN.

We like Sally Field; she was great in Legally Blond 2.

7:20 pm — 

Julie Andrews better make a surprise appearance or else we will die.

7:19 pm — 


7:18 pm — 

If we cut off all of the unnecessary mens’ hair at this award show, we could run Locks of Love for 7,000 years.

7:17 pm — 

Best Sound Editing*

7:16 pm — 

Best Sound Mixing is a tie between Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall.

This happened for Best Actress between Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Streisand. Katharine deserved it and Barbara looked terrible.

7:15 pm — 

We thought we saw her but then we realized it was Charlize.

7:14 pm — 

Where’s Miley Cyrus when you need her?

7:13 pm — 

Too many oversized bow ties.

7:12 pm — 

Les Mis wins Best Sound Mixing.

7:11 pm — 

Marky Mark is in the building. Where’s the Funky Bunch?

7:07 pm — 

Kristen Chenoweth is everywhere and we hate it. She is a diiiisaster.

7:07 pm — 

That was a great performance by the cast of Les Mis.

7:06 pm — 

Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried would have wonderful babies.

7:06 pm — 

Samantha Barks has a beautiful dress.

7:06 pm — 

Wow look at Aaron Tveit’s hair.

7:05 pm — 

We adore Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried looks gorgeous.

7:04 pm — 

We are divided on Anne Hathaway’s dress.

7:04 pm — 

Hugh Jackman is ruining his jacket with his beard.

7:01 pm — 

Callie and Kate are crying. Can she be our mom?

7:01 pm — 

One thing’s for sure, she isn’t lip syncing.

7:00 pm — 

Jennifer Hudson should have won a Nobel Peace Prize for her role in Dream Girls. She deserves all the awards.

7:00 pm — 

Jennifer Hudson.

6:58 pm — 

Catherine Zeta Jones almost looks like Reba McEntire at some points.

6:56 pm — 

I hope High School Musical is featured in this montage!

6:55 pm — 

I hope he breaks out into “You’re the One that I Want” and then flies away in a car. Fingers crossed.

6:54 pm — 


6:53 pm — 

John Travolta! We almost didn’t recognize you as a man.

6:52 pm — 

I love foreign couples.

6:52 pm — 

Amour wins Best Foreign Language Film.

6:51 pm — 

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain look good together. I think Jennifer Garner has some purple toilet paper attached to her butt.

6:47 pm — 

Just kidding Callie’s cat loves her.

6:46 pm — 

Callie is back. Her cat didn’t want her.

6:45 pm — 

Oh BOY hehehehehe.

6:45 pm — 

Best Documentary goes to Searching for Sugar Man, as Kate predicted. What a genius.

6:44 pm — 

Callie just left to hang out with her cat.

6:43 pm — 

The Kardashians would find their way into the Oscars somehow.

6:42 pm — 


6:38 pm — 

Inocente wins Best Documentary Short Subject.

6:38 pm — 

Jamie Foxx, you NEVER button the bottom button on a suit. EVER.

6:37 pm — 

Curfew wins Best Live Action Short Film.

6:28 pm — 

What a tacky dress.

6:25 pm — 

How beautiful is Halle Berry? Well, it’s hard to tell in this lighting.

6:21 pm — 

Jacqueline Durran of “Anna Karenina” wins Best Costume Design.

6:20 pm — 

This is the night when you see actors look absolutely terrible and deliver horrible lines incredibly poorly.

6:19 pm — 

George Clooney didn’t roll out of bed camera-ready tonight.

6:11 pm — 

“Life of Pi” wins Best Cinematography. Mr. Sharp was right! (As was the rest of the entire internet).

6:09 pm — 

Where is Scarlett?

6:09 pm — 

We are going to say it again: WE LOVE ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

6:08 pm — 

Jennifer Lawrence, we adore you too.

6:07 pm — 

Quvenzhané is such a diva!

6:03 pm — 

“Brave” wins Best Animated Feature Film. That’s the second person I’ve seen wearing a kilt, Seth MacFarlane’s dad is wearing one as well.

6:02 pm — 

Paperman wins Best Animated Short Film. Cutest paper ever.

5:59 pm — 

The lighting is not very good this year.

5:59 pm — 

Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy: this is not funny.

5:59 pm — 

Men of the Oscars: please shave your beards.

5:58 pm — 

Seth MacFarlane, we like your studs.

5:58 pm — 

Christoph Waltz wins Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Django Unchained. We saw him on Saturday Night Live last week and had no idea who he was. He cleans up well.

5:53 pm — 

So far, so good for Seth.

5:53 pm — 

Octavia Spencer’s dress carries itself beautifully on stage.

5:53 pm — 

He wouldn’t be the first. Did anyone see James Franco?

5:49 pm — 

We already know that Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are going to be the cutest thing ever.

5:49 pm — 

This sock puppet thing is wonderful.

5:44 pm — 

Channing and Charlize: A+.

5:44 pm — 

This is so cute. So far.

5:44 pm — 

What a nice song.

5:44 pm — 

Why William Shatner?

5:39 pm — 

Jennifer Lawrence, we love your awkward smile.

5:38 pm — 

Robert Downey Jr. clapped at Seth McFarlane’s Chris Brown and Rihanna comment.

5:38 pm — 

Daniel Day Lewis was more attractive as Lincoln.

5:35 pm — 

Robert Downey Jr. We love him.

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