B squad captain on the benefits of golf

    During her first Paly golf game as a freshman, senior Lauren Wagner topped the golf ball. Rolling only a couple feet, Wagner's thoughts were quickly clouded by the thought of her intimidating sophomore teammates and new coach. As she began sweating, she told herself that she was going to have to calm down. In fact, up until Wagner's sophomore year, she felt nervous in front of the rest of her team.

    Outfit of the day, featuring a stylish sophomore

    From her velvet lace-up heels to her retro looking stripped top purchased in Italy, Palo Alto High School sophomore Isabel Armstrong gives The Paly Voice a stylish outfit of the day. She proceeds to describe her love for vintage clothing and how she tries to keep her looks original. Watch the video to learn more about Armstrong and where to get the perfect black pants.

    Teen Arts Council prepares to host clothing swap

    The Palo Alto Teen Arts Council is hosting their second annual clothing swap, an event where teenagers in the community can either exchange their old clothing or buy clothes. The clothing swap is going to take place from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m this friday at the Mitchell Park Community Center.