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Weekly One-on-One: Hannah Schwartz

March 24, 2005

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Weekly One-on-One: Hannah Schwartz This week I was able to sit down with one of Paly's very own In Focus anchors, Hannah Schwartz. Hannah was able to give me some awesome insider information about Paly's broadcast journalism progra...

Japanese Animation Studies Club learns about culture through animation

March 23, 2005

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A group of students sit in a room lit only by a television screen, nibbling at their lunches and talking about the morning so far. Senior Devin Thompson scrolls through the DVD options with the Playstation 2 controller. After...

Palo Alto Art Center launches benefit trunk show

March 22, 2005

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The hubbub of anticipation from the line of art fanatics and fashion enthusiasts dies down as the Palo Alto Art Center doors finally swing open to reveal myriads of gorgeous textiles and sparkling jewelry. The exotic colors...

Prepare for the storm that is PSP

March 21, 2005

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Over the years there have been many attempts to break Nintendo’s iron hold on the handheld gaming industry. Ranging from Sega’s Game Gear and Nomad to The Neo Geo Pocket Color, all have failed the test of time while Nintendo...

DS Marks Nintendo's Decline

March 21, 2005

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Nintendo has yet again released another handheld gaming device. However this one could be the mark of its downfall, allowing other competitors into the handheld gaming market. For the simple fact that unlike all of Nintendo’s...

High school sophomores publish first time book

March 20, 2005

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Girl’s Middle School (GMS) graduates Sarah Bordon, Sarah Miller, Alex Stikeleather, Maria Valladores, and Miriam Yelton, never expected their seventh-grade entrepreneurial assignment to get published and sold online and in popular...

Foreign Policy students get new perspective on Iraq

March 16, 2005

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When Foreign Policy students walked into class on Friday, March 4, they expected to meet a disturbed Iraq veteran, overflowing with horror stories about the trauma of war. Instead, they met 21-year-old Henry Maldonado, a volunteer...

Yoga takes its pose at Paly

March 7, 2005

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A buzz floats in the air of the ERC, as students and faculty await the instructor’s arrival. Pupils have cast off their school-clothes in favor of loose-fitting sweat pants and t-shirts. Spongy, bright purple mats litter the...

Weekly one-on-one: Josep Maria Vericat

March 3, 2005

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Q: So, Sr. Vericat, what classes do you teach here at Paly? A: Here at Paly I teach Spanish 3, 4, 5AP, and 6. Spanish 6 is an independent study class, however. Q: What is your favorite part about your job here at Paly? A:...

Knitting trend rolls into Paly

March 2, 2005

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The methodic clicking of knitting needles resounds throughout the classroom, while the ball of variegated blue and gray yarn shrinks. Almost feverishly, the piece lengthens, its simple pattern of garter stitch giving it texture....

Wismann, a two-sport star

February 3, 2005

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Running hard towards home, Matt Wismann, an athletic six-year-old, slides onto home plate as the umpire yells “SAFE!” Wismann dusts the dirt off his pants and proceeds towards his team bench, receiving high-fives from his...

Haiku contest winner; pantoom contest commences

February 2, 2005

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As promised, the Voice has awarded it's first-place winner for the first monthy poetry contest. Congratulations to eighth grader Marina for your beautiful haiku. When I sit beside The water I can see the World reflected there. The...