‘A Quiet Place’: A silent but powerful thriller

    Director John Krasinski shows his fans that he is more than capable of directing a large movie in his new film “A Quiet Place”. Krasinski initially rose to prominence for his role as Jim in the comedic TV show “The Office” and this movie demonstrates his ability to direct and act in a more serious film.

    ‘The Shape of Water’: An unconventional love story

    A scaled green creature rises up from the water. Gills down the sides of his neck pulse, and veins along his body light up in blue as he moves. Human-like in form, he stands tall on two feet. To some, this creature elicits fear and disgust. Others, however, are more curious. Director Guillermo del Toro manages to seamlessly blend fantasy and reality in “The Shape of Water,” which has been nominated for 13 Oscar awards.

    ‘Lady Bird’ provides stunning snapshot of adolescent life in Sacramento

    High school students are possibly the most commonly stereotyped age group, and the tropes are not at all original. "Lady Bird," directed by Greta Gerwig and up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards on Sunday, encompasses many of these cliches, ranging from rehearsals for the after-school musical to awkward teen sex, to crushing on a boy in a rock band. However, it manages to do so in a way that feels veritable and not stilted or over-exaggerated.
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