Student reflects on Oscar experience

Amanda Carlsson, Author

Earlier this month, Palo Alto High School senior Grace Grignon flew down to Los Angeles to attend the Academy Awards with her father. The Paly Voice asked her about her experience.

The Paly Voice: Did you end up meeting anyone famous? Particularly in the bathroom?

Pictured is Philomena Lee and in the background you can spot Grace together with her dad Rex on the red carpet in Los Angeles, Mar. 2. [Photo:]

Pictured is Philomena Lee, the real Philomena which the movie Philomena was based on. In the background you can spot senior Grace Grignon together with her dad Rex on the red carpet March 2 in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of

Grace Grignon: I met Pharrell on the red carpet! I didn’t meet anyone in the bathroom though, I guess they caught on and they wouldn’t let us go down to the floor level where all the stars were.

TPV: What happened during the commercial breaks?

GG: During the commercial breaks they just moved the set pieces around on the stage. We thought Ellen would come out but she didn’t.

TPV: What was the highlight of Ellen hosting?

GG: Ellen was a really funny host, I liked that she kind of did the unexpected, like come out in a pink ball gown.

TPV: What was your favorite part?

GG: My favorite part was walking down the red carpet, it was so much fun and it felt so special.

TPV: Whose speech was making everyone teary-eyed?

GG: Lupita Nyong’o’s speech was really sweet and I think everyone was really happy for her.

TPV: Who’d dress was your favorite?

GG: I thought Jennifer Lawrence’s red dress was gorgeous and looked amazing on her.

TPV: Did you successfully photo bomb anyone?

GG: We made it in the background of Ellen’s red carpet video on her show and we’re in some pictures with Philomena Lee.

TPV: Who was the biggest fan, you or your dad?

GG:I was probably the biggest fan girl when I found out Channing Tatum was there, but my dad talked to a sculptor that he loves who helped on the Oscar-winning animated short which he was really excited about.