Site Council, PTSA leaders respond to Diorio’s resignation

    Members of the Palo Alto High School Site Council and Parent-Teacher Student Association Executive Board released statements earlier today regarding the resignation of Paly Principal Kim Diorio and the district’s handling of weighted GPA on transcripts, bell schedule changes and several Title IX violations.

    The statements are attached below.


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    • Kathy Jordan

      To the Paly Site Council and PTSA Exec Board regarding your messages:

      We as a community can differ on many things, but considering the mission of the
      PTA is to protect and advocate for children, we all can hopefully agree
      on the importance of protecting student safety and protecting our students’
      civil rights.

      If you haven’t had a chance, this Palo Alto Weekly Editorial “Blame to Go Around,” sums up a lot of the issues surrounding the events as well as the actions surrounding the sexual assault incidents at Paly. Hopefully it provides an opportunity for reflection on these recent events and also on past events, considering both the OCR letter of findings and the Cozen report said PAUSD has a systemic and endemic problem.


      Kathy Jordan

    The Paly Voice