Wellness Center to Host Birth Control Talk

    A birth control workshop will take place today at 1:45 pm in the upstairs MAC board room.

    The Palo Alto High School Wellness Center will be hosting the event to educate students about the variety of birth control options available and the intricacies of sexual health, according to a statement by Jonathan Frecceri.

    Frecceri is the Paly Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator and develops wellness events including DIY bath salt workshops, Healthy Skin Workshops, and promotes events like Unity Day and Transgender Awareness Week.
    “I think it is important to allow students the opportunity to learn what they need, for mental and physical well being at an early age for them to make healthy decisions onward,” Frecceri said.
    To attend the event, walks-in are welcome however, it is recommended to RSVP at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/PalyBirthControl

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