Finding the truth: The Truth Booth stops by Palo Alto

    If you want to participate in the Truth Booth now, you're going to have to go to another country. However, this public video art project, in the form of a large white inflatable booth, came to Palo Alto in front of Palo Alto City Hall last Wednesday and offered the Palo Alto community the opportunity to share its truths.

    Former Mexican president Vicente Fox visits Paly

    It's not every day that a world leader decides to visit your high school. Paly students and staff had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with former president of Mexico Vicente Fox in the Media Arts Center on April 17. Fox, who was in office from 2000 to 2006, offered his thoughts on a variety of topics, from climate change to youth participation in politics.

    Top nine tips to de-stress

    From test's to extra curricular activities, the life of a high schooler can get pretty stressful. The Paly Voice sat down with Stanford Psychologist Amal Elanouari, who deals with mental health first hand in Palo Alto and understands the importance of mental health in student life.
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