Thursday’s blood drive donation slots filled to capacity

    Organizers of Palo Alto High School’s American Red Cross Club’s blood drive, taking place this Thursday in the Library Resource Center, are suggesting donors schedule visits to the Stanford Blood Center after slots at the Paly event filled up ahead of schedule.

    According to club president senior Celia Willner, there are not enough Red Cross volunteers to accommodate all of the students that want to donate blood.

    “The American Red Cross Foundation only needed 35 units of blood, which is equal to approximately 50 student blood donations,” Willner said. “Unfortunately, that means that a lot of students interested in donating their blood will not get a chance to do so.”

    Senior Avanika Narayan expressed frustration at not being able to donate blood.

    “I was really disappointed when I found out that there were no more slots open for Thursday’s blood drive because I’ve always wanted to donate blood,” Narayan said. “I decided to make an appointment at the Stanford Blood Center to donate blood, and I encourage any other interested students to do the same.”

    Junior Annie Zhou, one of the few students who managed to secure a donation slot, looks forward to making her first blood donation.

    “I signed up to donate blood because it is an easy way to help people in need,” Zhou said. “I would like to think that a little pain on my end can end up saving someone else’s life.”

    Willner hopes to hold more blood drives in the future.

    “Knowing now just how many students are interested in participating in the blood drive, the Red Cross Club hopes to host another blood drive this Spring to give more students a chance to donate their blood,” Wilner said.

    According to Willner, students that signed up to donate blood should look at the American Red Cross Foundation’s website for tips on how to make a successful donation.

    For more information on donating blood call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit Red Cross’ website.

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    • Celia Willner

      Dear Vikings,

      I am so proud of all of you that were able to sign up to donate blood. We had 45 students that are heroes! Teachers and other staff members also stepped up. Because of the high demand for protocol and organization for safety and insurance reasons, people who did not sign up or ask to be signed up will have to wait for the next awesome blood drive. It is probably difficult to realize the inner workings of Red Cross phone numbers, call slips, permission slips, setting up rooms, and timed escorts for each donor, but it was highly organized and everyone that signed up were accommodated. We were able to fit some adults in that spoke to me the day of the blood drive because they needed less paperwork.

      I am so excited that I have learned how to do this and will be able to run blood drives in college and after. We had some really great help from other clubs and more interest in future blood drives. There was a great deal of training and paperwork. All of you out there that want this information and want to know how to run a blood drive can come to our Red Cross club or just come and talk to me anytime even after I graduate. This is our club focus this year. It is tricky at first, but after you do it once, it will seem easier and just imagine how great it would be if more Paly kids knew how to run a blood drive.

      Look for the same posters, school calendar, junior and senior Facebook notifications, Infocus announcements, and Schoology announcements for the next blood drive.

      Thank You,
      Celia Willner-Red Cross Club President