Stuff(ing) yourself at the Turkey Trot

    The 11th annual Turkey Trot is coming to Palo Alto High School tomorrow during an extended lunch in celebration of Thanksgiving.

    In exchange for either five dollars or two dollars plus three cans, students will be able to feast on turkey, pies and bread rolls. There is also a baked potato option for vegetarians.

    “It’s a huge effort involving lots of volunteers, donors and coordination,” event organizer Melissa Anderson said. “While it’s a great community event for Paly students, staff and parents, it’s also an important fundraiser. … It’s a win-win for everyone.”

    Similarly to last year, Anderson says collected cans and donations will be given to the Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto while leftover food will be given to the Downtown Food Closet at All Saints Episcopal Church.

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