Voice of the Week: Chelsea Mclntosh

    This week, the Paly Voice sat down with senior Chelsea Mclntosh to learn about the her passion for bananas, running and her cat.

    The Paly Voice: Tell us about yourself.

    Chelsea McIntosh: I really like bananas, I’m vegan and I enjoy singing, running and yoga.

    TPV: Why bananas?

    CM: They’re delicious, practical, great and really delicious. It started from a young age. I’d have them for breakfast when my mom was too busy.

    TPV: How many do you eat a day?

    CM: On average, six, at most 12.

    TPV: That’s a lot of bananas. Do you have a tree in your yard?

    CM: I do have a banana tree … but it bears no fruit.

    TPV: So how did you become vegan?

    CM: I read a book on nutrition and starting second semester of sophomore year, I began going vegan. At first it was for health reasons, but then I saw a video on Facebook on factory farms that made me not want to contribute [to the meat industry.]

    TPV: Do you like being vegan?

    CM: It’s really fun. I love fruits and veggies, and there’s also a great community of vegans. I look up to Essena ONeill, a vegan YouTuber who travels a lot and is really compassionate. We have a lot of similar qualities.

    TPV: I’ve heard you have a cow costume?

    Mclntosh poses in her dalmatian costume for Halloween with a 1/2 eaten banana and her cat Chewy. Photo Courtesy [[[[courtesy]]] of Chelsea Mclntosh.

    Mclntosh poses in her dalmatian costume for Halloween with a half eaten banana and her cat Chewy. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Mclntosh.

    CM: It’s actually a dalmatian [costume]. I thought it would be cool to be a dalmatian for Halloween and [in the picture] I was also holding a half eaten banana and my fat cat Chewy was just there…I also own a banana costume.

    TPV: Tell me more about your cat.

    CM: I’ve had him since 2nd grade. He weighs 30 pounds and likes to lie on his back to tan in the sun.


    Mclntosh’s cat, Chewy, likes to sun tan upside-down. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Mclntosh.


    TPV: What got you into running?

    CM: I get up every morning at 4 a.m. to plan my day and then I run 2-4 miles at 6 a.m.

    TPV: Why so early?

    CM: I found that I wasn’t as productive later in the day, and was more productive in the mornings after a run. Some of my favorite running spots are Foothills, Lake Lagunita and the Dish.

    TPV: What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge?

    CM: Kelp noodles. I looked up this recipe that needed kelp noodles so I went to Country Sun [grocery store] and got them. They are very kelpy. You have to mix them in with something else or else it just tastes like the ocean.

    TPV: What’s your message to the rest of Paly?

    CM: Think about your actions today and if they’re contributing to where you want to be in the future.


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