Setting the record straight: retraction and apologies

    On Thursday, Jan. 23, we published an article about a Palo Alto High School student who supposedly received offers of free college tuition and health care from the CEO of Kaiser Permanente after assisting him in a medical emergency.

    Kaiser Permanente has said the events described in the story did not happen: that its CEO is in good health and that no such medical emergency occurred. The student has since confirmed that the story was fabricated and has apologized for her actions.

    We have disabled the article and deleted it from our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    The Paly Voice accepts full responsibility for this mistake. We pride ourselves on reporting fairly and truthfully and on promptly correcting any errors brought to our attention. We offer our sincerest apology to those misled and misrepresented by the facts presented in the article.

    The Voice has decided not to continue publishing the name of the student source at the center of this story. If you comment on this issue, we encourage you to show similar restraint.

    • this is bad for Paly and the student

    • Tigress Williams

      and I even congradulated them yesterday.