Preview: Winter instrumental music concert

    The Palo Alto High School music program will play a selection of instrumental music a joint concert  at 7 p.m. tonight in Haymarket Theater.

    “If Paly students want to hear concert music from their peers, I’d really encourage them to attend,” senior drummer Becca Althoff said. “We’ve worked very hard and it would be exciting for Paly students to hear music that we play other than the songs we play for fun at football games and rallies.”

    There will be approximately 150 students performing in the concert from Orchestra, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Band, according to David Brigham, who teaches sections of the instrumental music program.

    “It is the first concert of the year where all of the instrumental groups get to perform at the same concert to both hear and support each other,” Brigham said. “Since all of the instrumental groups are performing, the students and parents get an opportunity to appreciate the talent of all of the various ensembles.”

    The music program at Paly offers not only a variety of instruments and music genres, but also presents a tightly knit community of musicians.

    “My favorite part about being in the Paly music program is the community that we have together,” Althoff said. “We have all adjusted to the routine of working hard to play great music and at the concerts, it’s really rewarding.”