Paly’s TEDx conference wants to make you think again

Julia Qiao, Author

Stanford writing professor John Evans gives a TEDx talk at TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool on Feb. 9 in the Media Arts Center. Evans is the author of the memoir, Young Widower, and the poetry collection, The Consolations. Photo: Adele Bloch
Stanford writing professor John Evans gives a talk to students and community members at TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool on Feb. 9, 2015 in the Media Arts Center. Evans is the author of the memoir, Young Widower and the poetry collection, The Consolations. Photo: Adele Bloch

The Palo Alto High School TEDx club invites students, teachers and community members to register for its third annual TEDx conference in the Haymarket Theater on March 26 by tomorrow.

The event will feature 10 student and adult speakers who aim to spark conversation and change the way people think by means of this year’s theme, “Think Again.” There will also be a performance by Paly’s Advanced Vocals, Vikapella. Further information about the event can be found on the TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool Facebook page.

The organizers hope to use the conference as a way of fostering new ideas in the Palo Alto community.

“We organized this event because we believe that sharing perspectives is an integral part of building a community,” junior Joelle Dong, TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool co-head of speakers, said. “ I hope students will learn something new from each speaker that will make them think again and add to their world views.”

According to the speaker lineup, talks will cover a variety of topics ranging from the need to further incorporate poetry into schools to discrimination against women in science and technology careers.

Sophomore Alexandra Dinu will speak about the importance of theater arts in educational systems, along with the impacts of theater on a community.

“I signed up to speak because I have noticed that other sports and activities are often more funded than theater, which is often overlooked, even though it has impacted the lives of so many people for the rest of their lives,” Dinu said.

Freshman Nicholas Padmanabhan will speak about the need to bring music beyond concert halls and into places such as schools, senior centers and prisons.

“Music is like another language and its joys need to be spread deeper into the community,” Padmanabhan said. “I hope students will form ideas about how they can bring their interests, both music-related and otherwise, out to more people in more places.”

The conference will be split into a morning and afternoon session. Session one will start at 9:30 a.m. and will end at 11:30 a.m, while session two will run from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Free lunch, including pizza and donuts, will be provided for students, teachers and community members who attend either session. Those who sign up must stay for the duration of the session. Registration closes on Friday, March 18, so reserve your free ticket here.