the Paly Voice


  • Voice Verbatim: What are your summer plans?

    The Paly Voice asks: “What are you doing over the summer?”

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  • Voice Verbatim: What’s your favorite memory of the Big Gym?

    On March 16th, at the farewell celebration for the historical Palo Alto High School Big Gym, The Paly Voice asked Paly students, alumni and staff to recall their favorite memories of the Big Gym.

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  • Voice Verbatim: Reactions to the Winter Olympics

    The Paly Voice asks students what they think about the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia.

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  • Verbatim: Reactions to the staff-student basketball game

    The Paly Voice asks students and staff for their reaction to the staff-student basketball game where staff won 22-14.

  • Verbatim: Boys’ water polo team reactions to the pool closing next school year

    The Paly Voice asked the varsity boys’ water polo team and coaches what their reactions were to the Palo Alto High School pool closing down next year due to construction complications.

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