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Oscars 2013

  • Review: "Django: Unchained" far from silent

    Despite being an underdog for winning an Oscar, “Django Unchained” captivated audiences with its blend of explosive storytelling mixed with an intensely emotional underlining.

    "Django Unchained" was released in theaters last Christmas. The film is nominated for five Oscars this year, including Best Original Screen play and Best Supporting Actor.
  • Review: "Brave" gives traditional fairy tales a feminist spin

    Despite disappointments from critics with high expectations, “Brave” gives the general audience an enchanting bedtime story with a refreshing feminist spin.

    After winning Golden Globe's Best Animated Film, "Brave" was nominated for Oscar's Best Animated Feature Film of the Year. With its stunning visuals, realistic characters and thoughtful themes, "Brave" definitely deserves its Oscar nomination. Photo property of Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Voice Verbatim: Oscar Picks 2013

    Palo Alto High School students weigh in with their Oscar picks for Best Picture in 2013.

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  • Review: "Amour" makes hearts sore

    It is not a beautiful movie. It does not set out to sweep the readers away only to break their hearts. Amour simply tells a story infinitely more realistic than does any Nicholas Sparks film.

  • Review: 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' provides a different cup of tea

    “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” finally provides a film for an older audience wishing to spend their nights away from movies centered around teenage romances or high schools.

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