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  • Le Tricolore n’est pas suffisant?

    Social media gestures in the wake of tragedy may come across as perfunctory and not all that useful, but they, oddly enough, are rooted in pragmatism.

    Illustration by Portia Barrientos.
  • Treading the line between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange

    Instead of quickly adopting the new trend and remaining oblivious to its historic meaning, celebrate and learn the significance of others’ racial or religious celebrations and practices.

    Illustration by Portia Barrientos.
  • Opinion: Meditation should be implemented into classes

    Staff writer Morgan Keller shares her opinion on implementing meditational practices into the beginning of class periods.

    Seniors Nicole Cox and Elizabeth Hall meditating during astrophysics, which is taught by science teacher Josh Bloom.
  • What to write in someone’s yearbook

    Not knowing what to write in someone else’s yearbook can be stressful and even awkward. If you’re ever caught staring at a blank page tapping your pen, you are likely to be perceived as an apathetic human being. Here are some tricks to avoiding this dilemma.

    Senior staff writer Charles Yu ponders what to write in a yearbook. Photo by Emma Chiu.
  • Editorial: Transcending the assumptions

    In the wake of tragedies in Palo Alto, our community and the national media have found various outlets to express their opinions on the schools’ failure to mitigate student stress. Even though it is easy to point to a single cause, we must avoid generalizations and maintain our willingness to improve through constructive feedback.

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