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  • Opinion: Why you should run for ASB

    When students walk around the Palo Alto High School campus, they may notice the yellow posters that read “Become an ‘ASBbae’” and think, “What is ASB? Why should I care? Why should I run?” Staff writer Will Zhou gives his two cents on being an ASB officer and why someone should run.

  • From a #SSS: Narrowing your college list

    As second semester seniors (a.k.a. #SSS), we have begun to reflect back on our high school experiences and look to pass along helpful advice and lessons we have learned. For Palo Alto High School juniors looking toward next year, the college application process may seem like it’s looming over your heads. Check out our tips on narrowing down your college list.

  • Opinion: Violence in Mexico and why it matters

    Staff writer Emilia Diaz-Magaloni shares her opinion on the absence of coverage on Mexican violence and protests in American media.

    A man and a young boy protest for Ayotzinapa in Mexico City. Photo by: Antonio Cervantes
  • Editorial: An appreciation of teacher support at Paly

    The Paly Voice would like to acknowledge our teachers for addressing the issue of suicide and mental health, offering emotional support and making academic accommodations for students who may have been affected by the recent tragedy in our community.

    The "Gratitude Wall" in the classroom of AP Economics teacher Eric Bloom features sticky notes of things that Paly students are grateful for. Several Paly teachers invited students to participate in this activity on Monday after the school was informed of the death of a Gunn senior this past weekend. Photo by George Lu.
  • Opinion: Destigmatize community college

    In Palo Alto, educational alternatives such as community college are sometimes seen as second-rate or last resort options. Staff writer Aidan Maese-Czeropski’s calls for a destigmatization of community colleges.

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