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  • Opinion: The Fault in Our Entertainment

    A summer blockbuster pioneers a new genre in mainstream entertainment. Read on to find out how the recent approach may be faulty.

  • Opinion: Bike cage difficulties adding up

    Biking, a popular choice of transportation for many Paly students, has become a challenge this year due to the absence of efficient bike cages. The Paly Voice examines the issue and offers potential solutions to the problem.

    Senior Ashray Narayan attempts to lift his bike out of the over crowded bike cage. Photo by Saba Moussavian.
  • Review: Gelataio brings a taste of Italy to downtown

    Although slightly off the beaten path of University Ave, Gelataio’s modern flair and unique spin on gelato makes it worth the extra trek to the end of Lytton Ave near the train station.

  • Opinion: Prahmm 2k14 in review

    Each year, about half of Palo Alto High School students travel to a four-hour event, which we all know and love as Prom.

  • Opinion: Put the arrest talk to rest

    Following the arrest of a Palo Alto high school senior over spring break, the Paly campus leaped into heated discussion. This discussion overstepped the line by making unfounded assumptions and spreading rumors. Read on to find out why this response was inappropriate.

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