Student groups vie for PAC accessibility

    The newly-built Performing Arts Center is Palo Alto High School’s newest landmark. With a grand total of 25,100 square feet that boasts a motorized orchestra pit and 582 seats, the PAC is a display of grandeur on Paly’s campus. However, as of now, the PAC remains a closed-off resource that many Paly students find difficult to utilize.

    Students dominate Winter Rally soccer game

    "Look at Chinmay go!" senior, game commentator, Andrew Vargha exclaimed over the loud speaker as senior team member Chinmay Tyagi dribbled across the field. "It makes you wonder how he didn't make the Varsity [soccer] team." The student spectators erupted in laughter as the senior class soccer team won the Winter Rally staff vs students competition at brunch today on the Palo Alto High School football field with a score of 4-1.