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  • Ferguson protesters gather at Palo Alto City Hall

    About 50 Palo Alto residents and Stanford students congregated this afternoon in front of Palo Alto City Hall to peacefully protest a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to pursue a trial for an officer who shot an unarmed resident in Ferguson, Mo. earlier this year.

    A peaceful protestor looks on somberly as another protester shares her thoughts. She carries a sign that says, "No Justice in AmeriKKKa." Photo by Amy Leung.
  • Teachers pilot homework passes

    Certain teachers at Palo Alto High School offered a Homework Pass for assignments last week in attempt to encourage conversation between teachers and students.

    Students must explain on the pass why they could not complete the homework assignment. Some students cite lack of sleep or extracurricular responsibilities. Eric Bloom, teacher on special assignment for school culture, offered the passes in his class after attending the Stanford event. A large portion of students welcome the chance to use the homework pass in trade for a teacher-student conversation, according to Bloom. Photo by Chloe Fishman.
  • ASB blood drive to happen next Friday

    Students will be able to donate blood on Dec. 5 in the SSRC. Blood will be donated to the American Red Cross Foundation. Last day to register is Tuesday Nov. 25.

    A poster advertising the blood drive hangs on the window of a classroom for last year's blood drive. Photo by Noa Braun and Paige Esterly.
  • New library furniture temporarily inhibits computer access

    The Palo Alto High School library will receive new furniture this Monday and Tuesday, inhibiting students’ access to computers for those two days.

    The computers and furniture in the library have been removed in preparation for the arrival of new furniture on Monday. Photo by Maddy Jones.
  • Paly library to undergo renovation

    The Palo Alto High School library  is displaying its renovation plans on campus in an effort to receive student input.

    Paly junior Adrian Wang places his comment in the comment box, which is located at the front desk of the library. Photo by Will Zhou.
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