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  • Media Arts Center to receive grand opening

    After about three years of construction, the grand opening of Palo Alto High School’s new Media Arts Center will be held late Thursday afternoon, before more »

    A sign announcing the Welcome-Back-To-School Dinner hangs on a portable in the Quad. Photo by Emma Chiu.
  • Construction limits space in Embarcadero lot

    Palo Alto High School students and faculty alike are learning to cope with the loss of parking space after construction on the new Performing Arts Center began over the summer, blocking off a portion of the Embarcadero Road parking lot.

    Construction of the new building has taken over part of the previous Embarcadero lot. Photo by Maddy Jones.
  • Vandalism incidents on newly-repainted Senior Deck cause stir

    Members of the junior class vandalized the newly-painted senior deck Monday night, according to three juniors who said they participated in the painting of a yellow ’5′ over the ’2014′ logo, which was part of an administration-endorsed senior project.

    According to an anonymous trio of juniors, some members of the junior class painted over the '2014' on the Senior Deck Monday night in response to tension on Twitter between members of the junior and senior classes. The vandalism came the Monday after senior Hayley Tawzer organized an administration-approved class activity to paint the Senior Deck in a camouflage design as a class gift. Photo courtesy of Daniel Tachna-Fram.
  • Paly student hit by car on route to school

    A Palo Alto High School student was hit by a car around 8:15 a.m. on route to campus this morning at the intersection of Churchill Avenue and Castilleja Avenue.

    The intersection of Churchill Avenue and Castilleja Avenue during hours while students are in class. Photo by Kate Marinkovich.
  • Teacher-student shadowing program increases communication

    In an effort to open up communication between students and teachers, School Climate Committee head Eric Bloom is working to assign teachers different students to shadow for an average school day, an effort that will continue throughout the semester.

    Should you run into your English teacher in your math class, never fear. Photo by Paige Esterly.
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