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  • Local nonprofit invites community to “step out of your world”

    The Global Lives Project, a San Francisco based nonprofit organization, will exhibit an interactive video display focused on broadening cross-cultural understanding and empathy during the week-long grand opening of the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Center starting Oct. 13.

    David Harris, Executive Director of Global Lives, explains the purpose of the Global Lives Project to Palo Alto High School staff at a faculty meeting. Starting Oct. 13, Global Lives will display a video exhibit in the Media Arts Center. The organization's motto is "step out of your world."
  • School board to discuss library renovation design

    The Strong Schools Bond Program will present revised conceptual designs for the 500 building, including a new library and collaboration spaces.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.51.58 PM
  • Principal reacts to jump in national rankings

    Palo Alto High School places 56th in Newsweek’s Top High School rankings, climbing from 161st last year.

    map screenshot
  • Police launch operation to increase biker awareness

    The Palo Alto Police Department is participating in project “Operation Safe Passage” throughout this week in order to elevate student biker awareness in Palo Alto.

    Anant Marur bikes out of the Palo Alto High School campus.  Marur is a frequent biker.  "I think the police should be focusing on more important," Marur says.
  • Palo Alto plans to expand crosstown shuttle route

    The City of Palo Alto’s Planning & Transportation Commission is looking to expand the existing Crosstown shuttle route offered by the free Palo Alto shuttle service after a meeting last week.

    The Palo Alto shuttle will be expanding its routes. The service works to address traffic and parking and has been running since 1999. Photo by Christian Leong.
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