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  • Slideshow: Senior student ID photos

    This year, The Paly Voice met with some of the Class of 2016 seniors to see how they got creative with their student ID photos.

  • Timeline: May 2015 News in Review

    This is the fifth installment of the News in Review series, which summarizes the most important news stories and events from the month of May in a timeline format.

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  • Reflections: Wisdom from The Paly Voice Class of 2015

    Seniors of The Paly Voice staff took a moment to reflect on their high school experiences.

  • College map of Paly faculty

    As the school year wraps up and students prepare to embark on the next step in their life, it’s easy to forget that each of our teachers underwent similar processes not long ago. The Paly Voice gathered data from Paly faculty members to mark where each of them attended college, as well as to ask for personal advice.

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  • What’s in my bag: Vivian Young

    As part of The Paly Voice’s “What’s in my Bag” series to find out more about students at Palo Alto High School, we sat down with freshman Vivian Young this week to ask her what’s in her bag. Hover around the photo to learn more.

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