the Paly Voice

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
Friday, October 28, 2016


  • Spirit Dances 2016

    Palo Alto High School Spirit Week came to a close with the after school rally on Friday. Per Paly tradition, the rally featured a Float and Spirit Dance from each grade. Additionally, several teachers performed an encore to the annual Teacher Spirit Dance.

  • Final Spirit Week score results

    Despite a junior upset over the seniors on the float, the seniors were victorious overall. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen placed second, third and fourth, respectively.

    Spirit Week 2016 Featured Images
  • Video: Spirit Week Day 5 ends with dazzling performances

    The Paly Voice documented the fifth and final day of Palo Alto High School’s Spirit Week. “Paly Spirit Day” featured the exciting “Hula Hoop” race at the lunch rally, as well as the unveiling of class floats and class dance performances after school

    Senior Ethan Bundy celebrates at final day of spirit week. Photo: Donnesh
  • Video: Senior citizens keep youngsters in check

    The Paly Voice filmed the fourth day of Palo Alto High School’s Spirit Week 2016 which consisted of the tube toss competition and a “Name that Tune” game during the lunch rally.

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  • Video: Night Rally thrills crowd with hamster balls, neon

    The Paly Voice documented Palo Alto High School’s second annual Night Rally during Spirit Week 2016. The grades participated in the “Relay Race” and the “Hamster Ball Race.”

  • Spirit Week Day Three results

    Freshmen, sophomores and juniors worked to level the scoreboards on the third day of Spirit Week at the Night Rally, though seniors remain ahead.

    Spirit Week 2016 Featured Images day 3