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  • What to do during a storm at Paly

    A storm is set to begin later tonight and Palo Alto is currently on high wind warning, flash flood watch, and hazardous weather outlook. Here are some tips as to what to do during these times.

    Paly alumnus Jack Anderson goes puddle jumping during a storm in November 2012. While flood control at Paly has improved over the past two years, we do not recommend puddle jumping in severely affected areas. Photo by Keri Gee.
  • Pizzeria Delfina: A dining option for everyone

    Guest writer Tara Madhav shares her review of eating at trendy downtown restaurant Pizzeria Delfina.

Pizzeria Delfina opened in Palo Alto in April 2014 and is considered a favorite by many local residents. Photo Courtesy of Eric Wolfinger.
  • Students place in the Siemens Competition

    Several high school students in Palo Alto are finalists and semifinalists of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology.

    Superintendent Max McGee commends students on their hard work for the Siemens Competition. Photo courtesy of Simon Bloch.
  • Six tips for ensuring your safety against indecent exposures

    In light of the indecent exposures in Palo Alto within the last month, here are various safety tips the public should take to avoid lewd conduct encounters and help the police in their search.

    Three different sketches drawn by the Palo Alto Police Department as told by three different victims. "By releasing sketches of the suspect, we hope that someone will recognize the person and give us a call with a tip," Lt. Zach Perron said. Screenshots of PAPD sketches by Amy Leung.
  • Less parking, more biking – a dangerous mix

    Attention is needed at the intersection of Churchill and Castilleja Avenue in light of two Palo Alto High School students getting hit by cars at more »

    Due to the Caltrain crossing and traffic light, a large group of students will often aggregate in front of the Churchill and Castilleja intersection.“The second that a train passes by, all of the bikers rush towards the school entrance and block off a good portion of the road,” according to Palo Alto High School junior Spencer Yu. Photo by William Zhou.
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