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  • The speeches that didn’t make it, Class of 2015

    The Paly Voice acquired the speeches that were not chosen to be delivered at Graduation from their authors, with the authors’ consent to publish.

  • Timeline: A senior to-do list

    Even with only a few weeks left of the school year, Palo Alto High School seniors still have several events and activities planned for the remainder of their time at Paly. Check out this timeline of upcoming events and deadlines.

    The Class of 2014 marches through the Quad up towards the stage where they will graduate. Photo by Maddy Jones.
  • The art of robotics

    When people think of robotics, they think of math, science, and computers, not art. Palo Alto High School’s robotics team, however, breaks this stereotype, having an art team that has been working hard throughout the year, designing graphics, winning the Underground Society of Animator’s competition in April and hosting animation classes for students.

  • Voice of the Week: Oskar Soderberg

    This week, The Paly Voice sat down with senior Oskar Soderberg to talk about Twitter, the drought and dogs with Facebooks.

    Senior Oskar Soderberg, also known as "SharkSlayer" looks through his "'nocs." Photo by Hannah Nguyen
  • Paly teachers incorporate meditation into the classroom

    Finding your inner zen can be difficult, especially during the hectic school year. Some Paly teachers incorporate meditation into their classes to help students relax.

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