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  • Where are they now: Noah Berman

    Noah Berman, Paly class of 2012, recently competed in the NCAA Fencing Championships. The Voice caught up with Berman to find out more about his fencing experiences.

    Noah Berman held the tournament trophy he helped Brandeis University win at a fencing meet hosted by Duke University. Photo by Steven Berman.
  • Voice of the Week: Erik Olah

    This week The Paly Voice sat down with science teacher Erik Olah to talk about northern elephant seals, Prom and Twitter.

    erik olah
  • Meet Chase: Paly’s new campus supervisor

    Palo Alto High School welcomes its newest staff member Chase Hartmann as campus supervisor in place of Mary Puorro following her announcement to retire.

    New Paly Campus Supervisor, Chase Hartmann, smiles on the job. Photo by Maddy Jones.
  • Voice Q&A: PAUSD chief techie speaks on presidential nomination

    The Paly Voice sat down with PAUSD Chief Technology Officer Ann Dunkin, nominated by the Obama Administration for a position in the Environmental Protection Agency, to talk about her nomination to office.

  • Il s’appelle Kirk Hinton

    As a student, I always wonder about the past lives of teachers. Was Mrs. _____ a foreign pop-star in her twenties? Did Mr. _____ spend his teenage years fighting crime as a masked super-hero? And although most teachers may not be ex-lion tamers or assassins, it is very rarely that a teacher has absolutely nothing interesting in his or her past, and Kirk Hinton is no exception.

    English teacher Kirk Hinton stands at the front of his classroom. Before coming to Paly, Hinton taught in Normandy, France. Photo by Paige Esterly.
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