the Paly Voice

Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA
Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  • Environmentalist extroadinaire: Jack Kearns

    The Paly Voice profiled AP Environmental Science teacher Jack Kearns, who spoke about his athletic prowess, expertise in small African carnivores and passion for teaching.

    Jack Kearns, Palo Alto High School's new AP Environmental Science teacher, has an extensive background in ecology. He worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and as a wildlife biologist prior to teaching.  Photo by Dhara Yu.
  • Paly Voices: Marie Davis

    The Paly Voice presents its first video in the series “Paly Voices,” showcasing Palo Alto High School students’ art. In this installment, sophomore Marie Davis sings “More Than Words” by Extreme.

    Sophomore Marie Davis performs "More Than Words" by Extreme. Photo by Amy Leung.
  • Coffee Chats: English teacher Mimi Park

    The Paly Voice sat down with English and Humanities teacher Mimi Park over an iced latte to discuss her transition from prospective lawyer to teacher, and her advice for Paly students.

    English and Humanities teacher Mimi Park sits at her desk with an iced latte while discussing her   career change.
  • Verbatim: Republican convention attendees discuss 2016 election

    The Paly Voice interviewed delegates and guests at the California Republican Convention to learn more about what important political ideas they support, and how they view the three Republican candidates.

    Republican convention attendees' views on 2016 election
  • TeamLAB: A spellbinding blend of art and technology

    The teamLab exhibit at the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park, open from Feb. 6 to July 1, features a blend of art and technology that encapsulates the Silicon Valley atmosphere of innovation. Rooted in traditional Japanese art, the exhibition highlights how technology can enhance art instead of replace it.

  • SRP vs AAR: Which should you choose?

    Palo Alto High School is offering two research courses next year, Advanced Authentic Research—currently in its pilot year—and long-running Science Research Project, which have a few key differences that students should take note of when signing up for courses next year.

    A Venn Diagram comparing AAR and SRP for the 2016-17 school year. Junior David Willner thinks that taking a class such as SRP and AAR, that are focused on project-based learning has many benefits. “It is a great opportunity to complete your career tech ed because you’re able to choose the project you want to work on to fit the field of study you want to ultimately work in as a career,” Wilner said. Diagram created by Aisha Chabane.