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  • “The Juggling Kid”

    With just over a year and a half of experience under his belt, sophomore Zach Strassberg-Phillips has earned himself a nickname of “The Juggling Kid” due to his consistent display of his hobby. Read on to discover his story.

  • Club going up on a MUNday

    Although Palo Alto High School’s Model United Nations club has been around for four years, quite a few Paly students are unaware of what the club is actually about. Senior club President Zofia Ahmad and junior Vice President Eli Craverio Frankel explain what goes on in MUN club.

    Palo Alto High School's Model United Nations club poses for a picture at the Inter-Generational  MUN conference last September. Photo by Eli Craverio Frankel.
  • Prom checklist: Guys and Girls

    Sports editor Liana Pickrell and staffer Christian Leong have created a Prom guide for guys and girls on how to successfully prepare leading up to the big dance.

    Prom Checklist Guys and Girls
  • Meet the quirky side of your ASB candidates

    The Paly Voice met with Associated Student Body candidates to find out quirky things about them.

  • Driverless or dangerous?

    Local tech giant Google, among other innovators, is working on an ambitious endeavor to transform the future of transportation: cars that can drive themselves. The Paly Voice talked with Google Vehicle Development Lead Jaime Waydo about the future of autonomous cars.

    Google employees prepare for a test drive in the parking lot of the Google headquarters in Mountain View. Photo by Jeanette Wong.
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