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  • Editorial: Improving the community’s approach to mental health

    Although our community has proposed and implemented measures for changes that have increased suicide awareness and the importance of emotional health, there are several other key suggestions that The Paly Voice would like to bring to light in the need for suicide prevention within our community.

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  • Editorial: Spirit Week should be about unity

    As a heated Spirit Week comes to a close, The Paly Voice urges for the Paly community to bring Spirit Week back to its roots by promoting unity and Paly pride instead of unhealthy competition.

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  • Editorial: U.S. needs stricter gun control

    After the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook, the Paly Voice believes legislators should be taking a second look at gun regulation in the U.S. and in the next few days we hope Congress will make some or all of the changes we believe need to be made.

  • Editorial: Town and Country – new, but not improved

    The Paly Voice gives its opinion on the recent “improvements” in Town and Country.

  • Editorial: Obama bravely unlocks civil rights closet

    President Barack Obama recently announced his personal support for gay couples to marry. Despite the political rewards and risks associated with the announcement, The Paly more »

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