Bradley Smith

    Concert Review: Gnash kicks off ‘Sleepover Tour’ in Bay Area

    Music surrounds the world everyday. It can be as simple as a bird chirping its tune or the tremendously loud ring of a cell phone on a busy day. There is something about live music that is unique. It has an impact on the soul and the heart that can only be felt by going to a concert. It is especially powerful if you have followed that particular artist or band for a long time. You know all the words to every song and you hope that they play that one song that has been stuck in your head the week before, anticipating the concert.

    ‘Loving’: What’s not to love?

    Did you know that interracial marriage wasn’t always legal in the United States? In the non-fiction, historical-drama film , 'Loving,' directed by Jeff Nichols, the audience follows two main characters — a black woman, Mildred, and a white man, Richard — who fall in love and want to get married despite obstacles; however, it’s not that simple.

    Tuesday Tunes: Gabe Cohen

    The Paly voice sat down with drummer and guitarist Junior Gabe Cohen to talk about his musical background, band experience and goals for the future. He has been an advocate for positive change at our school and the community by joining the Social Justice Pathway in his sophomore year.